973 AJAP anticipates current and future site conditions--adjacent buildings, sun and wind patterns as well as views and privacy. These elements are articulated in both the street and rear facades of the building. Street side apartment floors undulate in and out to resist being a singular mass, create shade and balcony space. The first floor has a minimal footprint and raised ceilings that keep the mass of the building light next to the street. The rear facade inner courtyard is filtered with predominant breezes and morning light. Core structure/services and living spaces are placed central to the site, based on a simple concrete slab and column system. The design aims to counter the monolithic, lot filling developments that are too frequently seen along the streets of Lima as the city becomes more dense with building mass. This structure is a complex, 3-dimensional, sparkling geometry that shines on the edge of a grassy opening.

The program locates social spaces with amenities at both the bottom and top of the building, between which reside 16 varied residences. On the first floor accessed by the front entry and parking garage, a gym and sunken rear water garden are linked to a physical and earthly realm. The rooftop terrace is a place of escape and breezes; to converse with the sky. Residents will have access to a pool and spa, outdoor showers, pool table/tv bar lounge, as well as a putting green accessed through a forest of trees/benches that overlooks the blue Pacific Ocean. Long days and nights are spent here.

13 stories of living rooms and master bedrooms are wrapped in cast glass panels whose surface design is based on the geometric pattern of a golf ball. The "dimpled" glass provides rounded, cinematic views as well as privacy behind obscured glass. Integral to the clear glass is a phototropic element that dims and lightens shading on the north facade, relative to the amount of solar radiation. This system will provide continuously changing views and light from both interior and exterior throughout the year. On each floor a number of these windows are operable, which in combination with operable south windows located in the wind capturing, L shaped courtyard provide passive cooling in each unit. This effect is boosted by the sunken water garden that provides evaporative cooling up the face of the structure. The building design is governed by sustainable principals, which include grey water systems, extensive roof solar panels, solar heated pool, daylighting, 50% recycled material use. It will be built to equal US LEED standards.

Residential living should provide moments of audacity, moments of serenity--the locations in which to be gregarious or those in which to retreat and introspect. 973 AJAP will provide the inhabitant a fertile spectrum in which to discover life's potential.

Building type: Multi Family Residence
Lima Peru
7,530 square meters, 16 stories above ground
Primary components:
 Phototropic cast glass panels, Ipe wood decking, solar PV panels, Locally sourced stone, reclaimed wood and terrazzo floors, concrete structural system for high rise