The client is an avid hunter and outdoorsman who has a property lease high up on the Crazy Mountains in central Montana. Wanting to be able to set up camp quickly, while simultaneously creating a robust structure that can weather late spring and early fall snow squalls was that program request.

Our solution involves creating prefabricated metal buildings that can be assembled on site within a day and dropped in by helicopter. The altitude of the property is approximately 8,000 ft above sea level which reduces helicopter lifting capabilities. By breaking the structure into 2 cubes the helicopter can deliver and remove the cabin in 2 trips each time. Components for the middle deck are stored in the cubes during transport and unloaded and assembled. the middle deck becomes an outdoor gathering area which can be enclosed with a canvas curtain during windy weather.

The building can be locked down when not in use to keep out wildlife and trespassers.

Building type: Portable
In Progress
Big Timber, Montana
120 square feet each unit.
Primary components:
Steel Frame, SIP wall panels, Photovoltaic solar panels & battery storage