Our office collaborated with Light Artist Mary Corse to design and build the cold room, a structure to house one of her neon plexiglass boxes which are electrically charged by a tesla coil embedded in the wall adjacent to the hanging piece which illuminates the neon tubes.

The piece, of which the artist plans to makes multiples, needed to be easily assembled and produced. Additionally, as part of the experience, the room is cooled between 32-40 degrees to heighten the sense when entering. The solution to these requirements of quick and cold was solved with using insulated wall panels for large coolers and buildings. These are kit like and come together quickly and insulate from both the climate and sound on the outside of the room. These panels are then clad with hand trowel plaster on the exterior.

Building type: Installation
Completed 2016
Los Angeles, Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery
144 square feet
Primary components:
Refrigeration panels, plaster, Aluminum grill, compressor
Collaborator: Mary Corse