Gomez Road 2

The client has collected an interesting mix of eastern art (south east Asian sculptures) and western art (18th and 19th century American portraits and landscapes). Their 1935 Maurice Fazio home was too small to display the collection. They came to us for an expansion.

The program expectations doubled the existing square footage. Adding a giant wing would overwhelm and diminish the charm and identity of the existing house. Instead we looked to the un-built lot to the east.  

The solution: build a new pavilion informed and inspired by the scale and characteristics of the original house. A centerline through the site established the pool location. This lap pool, along with a covered walkway, creates the visual and physical connection between the two structures. Where the covered walkway touches the old and the new has been carefully considered. 

Using the existing building façade as a guide for the new pavilion’s design, we mirrored the scale and massing of the existing building onto our new structure on the eastern half of the site, beginning a literal and metaphoric architectural dialogue between east and west.

Though examples of each collection are displayed throughout the buildings the Asian collection resides primarily in the east and the early American art is on display mainly in the west. The original house is used for private functions, the new pavilion is used for entertaining and repose--work in the west, entertain in the east.


Building type: Residence
Completion May 2014
3,800 square feet
Jupiter Island Florida
Primary components: 
Steel Frame, Concrete foundation, Stucco, limestone flooring, Fleetwood window and doors