HUUM was invited by the Hammer Museum to participate in their annual fundraiser “Kids Kamp” for children’s programs. Along with 10 artists, we were asked to create an interactive project for the course of the 4 hour event. We decided to create a framework for a project to which all the children could contribute, a Kit of Parts.

The project idea of growing/building trees together was implemented. The concept Kernel consisted of taking the profile of trunks of California tree and laser cutting them from Carboard to serve as the canvas on which each child could imprint their design. Each of these modified log profiles would then be stacked to created trees from the forest. To make the design process quick, visible and clean, multi colored tapes were used as the marking medium. 150 profiles were designed by the kids; as the event wore on, the trees slowly grew upwards, reflecting the participation. The Museum kept the pieces on display in the courtyard following the event.

Building type: Installation
Completed 2014
Los Angeles
Primary components:
1 1/2 thick laser cut cardboard, tape
Collaborators: KIDS