A pavilion shelter designed to support a flexible lifestyle via a variety of poolside entertaining scenarios. The Pool Pavilion balances modern notions of open / flexible space, its perimeter boundaries, and a contextual dialogue with its traditional residence. Although its function as
a pavilion suggests the definition of protected space, its opacity presses to eliminate the boundaries of interior and exterior landscapes via veils of pillowy sheer-white curtains
and walls floor to ceiling sliding glass doors. 

Ashlar cut sandstone floor pavers permeate throughout the open interior of the pavilion and fluidly transition to the exterior terrace, while discrete walnut millwork and bronzed mosaics define the bar area and fold-down bed in the study area. Outside an oversized fireplace sets the visual termination of the uplit north-south site-wall, while teak lounge chairs float amidst the grassy lawn.

Building type:Residence
Completed 2003
Bel Air California
800 square feet
Primary components:
 concealed perimeter roof gutters, 42' cambered steel beam, retractable full height sliding doors, flush interior exterior sill condition, cast in place exterior fireplace and cantilevered hearth
(with Design Bureau)