2008 AIAFL Design Excellence Award

Education requires an elusive dose of order and chaos, predictability and improvisation in order to succeed. 

The program for this school called for classrooms and labs for group learning, a library for individual and group study, and places for assembly, performance, athletics and relaxation. It is an academic village where groups emerge, are disbanded and regroup: a community for learning,growing and discovering.

The campus design is a functional and formal response to a specific educational vision and program of both active and continuous expansion and inward change. Its structure promotes education and profoundly engages the specifics of its location: “touched” environment re-defining itself through the introduction of children and teachers.

Building Type: Institution, Private grades 6-12
Completion 2007
Hobe Sound, Florida
97,000 sq feet
Primary components:
 stucco, fritted structural glazing, perforated aluminum, polished concrete, fiber cement panels, tensile fabric shading components, extensive daylighting