The Pop-Up Huts are a scattered covey of small structures on a preserve next to Big Timber Creek in remote Montana. The huts are comfortable, minimal sleeping, toilet and eating facilities for guests of the Sporting Club. The client maintains a hunting preserve and horse riding trails on a former ranch property. They requested a site near the creek, which optimally was the nearby 100 year flood plain.

The solution demanded a building minimal in process and operation: The structures are built off site and set onto concrete pile foundation. Electric needs are met by solar pv/battery storage with generator backup. The pond is used for geothermal conditioning for all buildings. Toilets are biocomposting, fresh water is drawn from the well, any grey water is returned directly to the ground water table.

The Huts are an orthogonal construct, providing a welcoming frame and contrast to the“untamed” surrounding wilderness out in which the active guest passes the day from morning till days end. Their inspiration derives from fold up campers commonly towed throughout the West during holidays -- touching the land lightly and easily mobilized.

Jack in the box-like they rise to expand to a third floor. Vacant, the hut is a compact two story structure, designed to reduce heat loss or gain, protect the structure from trespassing and minimize the visual weight amongst the surrounding flora.
When entered by a guest, at the flick of a switch, electric motor driven hydraulic arms raise the cowl surrounding the first floor, exposing fully glazed perimeter walls and simultaneously creating the third floor king bed suite. After the Hut is cleaned and readied for the next guest, the cowl is again lowered into its two story position.The huts are augmented by the nearby restored ranch buildings which provide showers, evening meal, guide services, classrooms, equipment storage/lockers, administration and parking.

Building type:Hospitality
In Progress
Big Timber, Montana
4-600 square feet each unit.
Primary components:
Steel Frame, SIP wall panels, insulated channel glass, Photovoltaic solar panels & battery storage, geothermal heating, hydraulic lifts