Our office is working through the 1% pro bono program founded by Public Architecture to provide the Drews Avenue School in Kingston, Jamaica with a semi modular kitchen structure that will provide breakfast and lunch to children who may not otherwise be eating at home in order to provide nutrition for the necessary focus to succeed at school. hughesumbanhowar has been working with Devon Harris' Keep on Pushing Foundation in Jamaica to realize this crucial project for the school.

The building is placed along the current wall between the school yard and road. This face of the building is defined by a continuous perimeter wall planting screen system. The screens are installed in vibrant colors, which over a period of one to two years vines will be overgrown by flowered vines, becoming a fully planted geometric form. The kitchen will be built from an enlarged shipping container,so plentiful in all the worlds’ ports at this time. The outdoor eating space is intended to shelter children as they quickly eat their meals and get back to the play yard, or shade an outdoor class or event. In the future this area will be used on nights and weekend for meetings, concerts, etc. as it becomes an asset to the full community.

Design Summary
**Buiding design performs functional and aspirational roles:
   •Kitchen provide meals for children, with covered outdoor seating area
   •Kitchen to provide desirable work environment space for cooking staff
   •Kitchen can in future serve the community food in the afternoon on street side
   •Covered space becomes gathering area for school events
   •Architecture inspires children’s arts/architecture awareness
   •Architecture straddles wall between schoolyard and street, front door of school and a source     of community pride
   •Building and schoolyard future community gathering center on weekends/nights.
   •Care of plants foster sense of ownership
   •Reproduceable model for future projects
**Planting Screen walls colorful initial palette for ivy to cover during two year period
   •Screen durable against vandalism, fully grown ivy walls less susceptible as
    vandalism targets
   •Plantings becomes more part of existing community fabric
**Sustainable construction and operation threaded through design:
   •use of pv solar panels, rainwater harvesting, natural air conditioning, kitchen building made from preexisting shipping container, skylights for daylighting of kitchen, compost barrel
**Construction designed to be modular, simple, quick, transportable.
**Construction cost estimate: ±200,000USD before potential donations/discounts

Building type: In Progress
Kingston, Jamaica
1,500 square feet
Primary components:
 Steel Frame, shipping container, Greenscreen planting screens, rainfall collection system, Photovoltaic solar panels, Native flowering vines