The TreeFab Treehouse© fulfills the desire to leave gravity behind, elevate above the ground and capture a distinct sense of place via a simple set of ladder rungs. It is a retreet into the sky, a place to pass a few hours or an overnight among the trees and stars; reading, sketching, bird watching, meditating, sleeping. Treefab is simultaneously a tree from the forest, and a forest from one "tree." 

Treefab is designed to be installed into sparsely treed urban and rural environments as well as forested environments. Mounted principally to the ladder tower the modules can hang independently off the tower or connect to single and multiple trees. Treefab is composed of modules and components that mimic parts of a tree: trunk, branches, leaves. Treefab is easily ordered and configured. To minimize potential environmental impact, all parts are built off site and shipped onto site via flat bed truck and craned into place.

The stair/ladder tower is the trunk of the overall configuration, which can be ordered as low as 15' tall and up to 60' tall to adapt to site conditions and the buyer's desired height. It is a dual I beam column structure clad in thin corten steel panels, bolted into a concrete foundation. Ascent begins with stainless steel stair treads that transition to higher ladder rungs spanning between columns.

The 3 currently offered modules, the Lounge(10'x16'), the Sleeper(6'x10') and the Nest(3'x4') can be ordered together or singly. These modules are clad in faceted stainless steel panels of differing polish to reflect surrounding branches and sky, creating both a disappearing and reflecting phenomenon. They are bolted to the tower and connected to any trees via a Garnier Limb connection, which permits the module to sway with the tree and the tree to grow without harm. Atop the trunk are PV solar panels, "leaves" that generate and store enough electricity to power LED lights and in floor electric heating grid.

On Site preparation consists of concrete foundation work, with calculations done beforehand by a local engineer to adjust to local soil and seismic conditions.

Primary features/options include: stainless steel ladder rungs and stairs with clip in safety system, photovoltaic panels/battery storage, corten steel cladding, SIP panel walls/steel super frame for sound and insulation, LED lighting, Garnier Limb tree connectors, dual paned operable windows, repurposed steel for the steel frame(minimize waste)

The first model is to be installed between and adjacent to 3 mature douglas fir trees in an 18 acre tree preserve in suburban Seattle via crane from the nearby dirt drive. A caisson foundation is used to avoid damaging the tree roots. The lounge module will be raised to 45 feet above the ground to provide breathtaking views of distant Mount Rainier. Subsequent models are being planned for a resort in Belize where only treehouses can be built to preserve the undergrowth.

Building type: Folly/Residence
Various locations
Flexible sizing
Primary components:
 I Beam structure, SIP panel,corten cladding, stainless wall panels, double pane window, stainless ladder rungs, photovoltaic cells